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Σάββατο, 30 Ιουλίου 2016


free crochet pattern bag shopper retro rico creative cotton aran
Crocheted Shopper - Are you such a bag addict as we are? Or are you looking for a cute DIY shoper? This crocheted shopper in classic retro style is totally trendy! Use is for small groceries, for storing your favourite knitting project or for taking some of your favourite items with you. Go ahead with the free crochet pattern, because one can never have enough bags right?!  (Pattern found on
This cool retro shopper is fabulous right? Made of the nice cotton yarn Rico Creative Cotton Aran and ideal to use. When it's empty you can easily roll it up to a small package in your handbag and when you need it you can stuff it with books, magazines, groceries or other supplies. We've chosen a classic vintage combination of orange colours, but Rico Creative Cotton Aran is available in 44 different beautiful colours! There's a right pick for everyone! The pattern is very suitable for combining different colours, so pick your favourites and get to it!
- 3 balls Rico Creative Aran colour 74
- 4 balls Rico Creative Aran colour 61
Crochet hook no. 4, 5 and 6
Stitches used:
Ch.               = chain             = slip stitch
Sc.               = single crochet
Dc.              =  double crochet
Crab stitch
Size: 39 x 35 cm.
To make this shopper bigger or smaller, work a foundation chain that's a multiple of 3 + 1.
crochet a bag shopper free pattern rico creativecotton aran

Pattern Crocheted Shopper:

Ch. 52 with crochet hook no. 6 and colour 61.
Round 1: Start in the 2nd ch. from your hook and sc. 51, work another sc. 51 over the other side of the chain. (102 sts.)
Round 2 - 6: Sc. 102.
Round 7: Continue with crochet hook no. 5. in the first st., ch. 3, ch. 1 and dc. 1 in the same st., skip 2 sts., *dc. 1, ch. 1, dc. 1 in the next st., skip 2 sts.* Repeat from *to* Close with a in the upper ch. of the 3 ch. Pull your loop a little bit longer and insert a stitch ring marker. Don't cast off your yarn.
Round 8: Cast on a new yarn of colour 74 in the first 1-ch. space, ch. 3, ch. 1, dc. 1 *In the next 1-ch. space dc. 1, ch. 1, dc. 1* Repeat from *to*. When you close this round with a in the upper ch. make sure that your loop and yarn of the previous row is in front of your work. Pull a large loop and change the stitch ring marker of the loop of round 7 to the loop of round 8.
Round 9: Insert your hook in the loop of round 7, pull it tight and ch. 3, ch. 1, dc. 1 in the space below your first 3 ch. (the dc. is worked around round 7 and 8). This way you'll get a v-stitch (dc. 1, ch. 1, dc. 1). Work between each v-stitch of round 8 a v-stitch. Close with a The yarn and loop of round 8 can stay at the back of your work. Pull a large loop and insert the stitch ring marker.
Round 10: Pull your loop of colour 74 to the front through the v-stitch of colour 61 (the one that that is right in front of your loop) ch. 3, ch. 1, dc. 1, the dc. is inserted in the same space around the stitch of round 9.
Rounds 11 - 43: Repeat rounds 9 and 10 alternately. At round 42 cast off the colour 74.
Round 44: Continue working with colour 61 and crochet hook no. 6. Sc. 1 in each dc. and around each ch. (102 sts.)
Rounds 45 & 46: Sc. 102.
Round 47: Sc. 96. Leave the last 6 sts. unworked such that this round has 6 sc. less than the other rounds.
Round 48: Ch. 21, skip 21 sts., sc. 30, ch. 21, skip 21 sts., sc. 30.
Rounds 49 - 52: Sc. 102. Cast off.
To finish the bag work a round of crab stitches at the top and the handle spaces with colour 74 and crochet hook no. 4.

pattern chart crocheted shopper free pattern
pattern free shopper crochet cotton crocheted

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