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Τρίτη, 31 Μαΐου 2016

Sunflower Key Keeper

Things you’ll need: 
brown and yellow yarn, 
small amount of toy stuffing, 
key ring, 
stitch marker and darning needle. 

ss - slip stitch 
ch - chain 
dc - double crochet 
htr - half treble crochet 
tr - treble crochet 
tr2tog - treble 2 together

Flower centre (make 2): 
This is worked in a continuous spiral so it’s a good idea to use the stitch marker to indicate start of the round, using brown yarn: Start with a slip knot on your hook and ch2. 

Round 1: 6dc in second ch from hook. 

Round 2: 2dc in each stitch around - 12 stitches. 

Round 3: *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next stitch. Repeat from * all around - 18 stitches 

Round 4: 1dc in each stitch - 18 stitches Round 5: 1dc in each stitch - 18 stitches - fasten off yarn.

Once you have made 2 flower centres hold them wrong sides together ready to join with the gold yarn. Sandwich the yarn ends in between the flower centres as you work.

Round 6: Holding the middles as described above, join gold yarn in any of the dc, through the stitches of both the front flower centre and the back flower centre. ch1, 2dc in this first stitch, 2dc in each stitch around. When you have done 24dc stuff the flower centre with a small amount of toy stuffing and then continue the round. ss to first dc to close. (36 st).

Round 7: The petals. ch1, 1dc in same stitch as ss. *ch6, 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1htr in next ch, tr2tog over next 2 ch, 1htr in next ch, 1dc in the next dc stitch from round 6. Repeat from * all around - 36 petals. On the last petal you will finish with the htr at base of the ch6 and then ss to first dc made to close round.

Fasten off yarn leaving a long tail. Use this yarn end to sew keyring to back of sunflower securely.

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